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“El proyecto «Around cultures sharing national heritage» está cofinanciado por el programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea. El contenido de esta web es responsabilidad exclusiva del colegio Divino Maestro de Baza y ni la Comisión Europea, ni el Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE) son responsables del uso que pueda hacerse de la información aquí difundida.”

Erasmus +
Proyecto - Coordinador Polonia


The basic approach of the project AROUND CULTURES SHARING NATIONAL HERITAGE is to develop cultural awareness, sensitivity and tolerance for other cultures and promote national heritage as well as improving the quality of education by developing the students’ 21st century skills such as cultural awareness/expression, communication and collaboration/teamwork, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, meta cognition and learning to learn, citizenship, life and career skills, personal and social responsibility, interpersonal skills and intercultural learning, which are useful both in the school environment and in the world of work.

Out project also focuses on strengthening the European dimension of education, providing teachers with modern teaching methods, developing digital skills and promote language teaching.



  • Creating a common fairy tale using an online collaboration tool(e.g. padlet)
  • National Heritage sites– art competition
  • Organising heritage weeks
  • Creating a multilingual dictionary


To sum up, we intend that our cultural heritage must be appreciated and preserved not only to keep our world more beautiful but also keep it as a compass to guide us in the future.

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