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Edouard LUCAS is a public secondary school situated in Amiens in the north of France.

There are 700 students in the school, aged between 11 and 15 and about 50 to 60 teachers. There are also people working specifically in the field of school life (about 20 university students and 2 chief education advisers); chefs (400 people have lunch at the school canteen everyday); workers for the basic maintenance and people for the cleaning of the buildings. Students study French, Maths, History and geography of course but also Sciences, Technologies, music, arts and PE. All of them learn English and have to choose a second foreign language among Spanish, German and even Portuguese.


I.C. S. Bagolino is a school  in Alcamo (Italy) that includes Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary low school. There are about 900 pupils aged from 3 to 13. The school uses new technologies in learning process, every classroom has got an Interactive whiteboard (IWB) and teachers use electronic register. It has 40 teachers, including add-teachers, that help students with special needs. Most of them have been working here for a long time and some of them have specific roles in the school organization.


Escola Básica Virginia Moura is a primary and secondary school situated in the north of Portugal, located in the parish Moreira de Cónegos, Guimarães city, Braga District. The region, Vale do Ave, is an area of Europe inhabited by a very young population but indicating extremely lolevel of school performance, being disadvantaged due to the collapse of the textile industry and relocation of companies. Thus, there are a lot of disadvantaged students. The school has 449 students and 47

Staff. The pupils who attend our school are between 10 and 15 years old, and come from different social backgrounds.


The Secondary School George Voevidca” is in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, a town with 20.000 inhabitants which live in the North East part of Romania. Our school is a state-funded one, the language of teaching being Romanian but our students also study English and French as foreign languages. There are 431 students from kindergarten (aged 3-6 years), to primary level (aged 6-11 years), secondary level (aged 11-15 years) and 30 teachers.


Opshtinsko osnovno uchilishte Kocho Racin Kumanovo Macedonia.

Our primary school is the largest in our municipality with a number of 1300 pupils attending lessons from the first to the ninth grade in one central (urban) and seven rural school buildings. The teaching staff consists of 86 teachers and four staff members in the Pedagogical-Psychological School Service – two psychologists, one pedagogue and one defectologist. Our school is an inclusive one with students with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and special educational needs as well as talented students attending lessons in mixed ability classes. We implement the inclusive education model based on the state curriculum for primary education focusing on language study: mother tongue, English language (1st to 9th grade), German, Italian and Russian (6th to 9th grade); Art, Music and Physical Education (1st to 9th), Social studies, Geography, Craft, IT, Innovation, and several optional subjects, and focusing on the University of Cambridge programmes for Maths (1st to 9th grade), Science (1st to 6th), Biology (7th to 9th), Chemistry and Physics (8th to 9th grade).


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