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“El proyecto «Games of a lifetime!» está cofinanciado por el programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea. El contenido de esta web es responsabilidad exclusiva del colegio Divino Maestro de Baza y ni la Comisión Europea, ni el Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE) son responsables del uso que pueda hacerse de la información aquí difundida.”

Erasmus +
Proyecto - Coordinador Francia

About the project

The proposed project addresses the educational field and it fits into the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2 – Cooperation for innovation and good practice. The project motivates students and teachers from the 6 countries involved, France – coordinator, Spain, Macedonia, Portugal, Sicily and Romania to work together to discover the formative potential of using games in education. The theme of this project is open, calling for reflection, but also with a specific action plan in the exploration and use of active and interactive teaching methods, where the didactic game demonstrates its many formative and educational values. The impact that the results obtained from the implementation of the project activities will have is expected to be strong, producing changes in individuals, institutions, local communities and educational factors.


  • To improve the collaboration between students in a school and between students from different countries and different cultural backgrounds
  • To optimize the quality of education through the integration of modern methods in education with a focus of games as a teaching strategy
  • To improve inclusion in education through games in order to promote participation of disadvantaged groups
  • To increase students’ self motivation or intrinsic motivation to learn and achieve
  • To increase integration of modern teaching methods to exchange or cooperate with teachers of other countries
  • To improve teachers’ knowledge about how to manage heterogeneous group
  • To enhance young people’s and adults’ self confidence by learning about their historical and cultural heritage in games
  • To increase the use of educational platforms
  • To enhance the confidence on the part of parents in education
  • To implement the idea of being a European citizen inside the community of school


FRANCE: to organize , to coach, to evaluate , to introduce Duolingua, organize «Ready?Go!», to introduce the social software , to complete the column about how to use tools for the project, to collaborate with Spain to organise the Olympic games, to organize chess and games competition during the meeting in France

SPAIN: to organise Olympic games and complete the column in the Twin-space about «video games in lesson»

MACEDONIA: to organise READING CHALLENGE and complete the column in the Twin-space about «games to learn to learn»

PORTUGAL: to organise POCKET DICTIONARY OF THE TRAVELlER’S GEEK and VIRTUAL TRAVELlER and complete the column in our Twin-space about «games for primary school in order to fill in the gap»

SICILY: to organise PASSPORT OF EUROPEAN CITIZEN and MA-P-LAY YOUR FUTURE JOB andcomplete the column in our Twin-space about «rôle games»

ROMANIA: to organise WINNERS OF MY COUNTRY and complete the column in our Twin-space about «Game to create «


We will initiate weekly video conferences to organize games for our students and workshops for students and teachers on different themes and topics: «Video games in lessons», «Games to learn to learn», «Games for primary school in order to fill the gap», «Role games», «Games to create, games to build». In each partner school, all students interested in the project could join Games’ Club and Erasmus’ classes will be organized where teachers will use games in order to make teaching and learning more attractive and innovative. Project activities will allow students, teachers and community members to embrace diversity, accept differences and to become more tolerant. To achieve these objectives we will create a ‘Passport of the European Citizen’ containing the rules of being a good citizen and we will create a common dictionary containing commonly used words in each country. The impact of the project is expected to be strong, producing changes in individuals, institutions, local communities

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